New Moon the movie

This movie was good. I liked the actor that played Jacab. Jacab character was portrayed on point. Kristen Stewart is ok. This is her earlier work and it shows. I don't think she fits the character and she also has a lazy eye. It bothered me tremedously. Edward is a good pick to as far as his character goes. I liked the two fights happened in the movie, I didn't think that was in the book. The werewolves try to attack Bella and Jacob protect her. Another thing that was different was thst  Alice's visit didn't provoke Jacob to leave Bella alone. Instead Jacob is outside protecting her. Other than small chsnges that movie was a faithful version of the story.

Love, Simon

I loved this movie! It was very good. It was told very differently than the book. He emails Blue and we see his freindship with Blue expand. We also known who Blue is in the middle of the movie. Simon gets drunk at the party instead of the bar. I loved Martin character and the movie showed some cyber bullying. I loved the scene where Martin confesses his love to Abby and Abby tells him that she is not interested. Simon's family was portrayed perfectly in my opionion. I highly recommend this film to everyone. 

1984 movie review


This movie was interesting. The telescreen was super small and the torture scene was laughable.  Watson and Julia seemed like the same age in this movie. They showed some of my favorite parts. The woman singing and hanging up clothes before they got arrested. The showed the shop where Watson bought the diary. It was in black and white. It also showed language being used freely which was very weird. This movie was romantice and focus more on that.


This movie was more close to the book. The setting was dark and unsettling like the book. The torture scene was powerful and you saw Watson at his weakest state. Watson was 40 years and Julia was 20. Julia was not beautiful. I thought she was average looking. The movie did skip throught the arrest scene. This film has nudity and some gross scenes. One scene is of Watson having sex with his wife (I believe) the woman hikes up her shirt and the nudity is BAM in your face. I am not going to lie, I got sick looking at that. This was a good movie and a faithful adoptation. 

The Giver

I really loved this movie! This movie in my opinion is better than the book. It is different in many ways. First, it has a romance between  Jonas and Fiona. This was not necessary and it wasn't in the book. The friends of Jonas try to protect and not kill Jonas when asked by the authority. I did enjoy the mermories of love and family in the movie and the portral of seeing color was on para. The death scenes were less dramatic in the movie. The part I wish it included in the book was when Jonas and Gabe was suffering from Hunger and cold.  The only problem I had with the movie was the age of the characters> It seemed like Jonas was 16 years old instead of 12 year old in the book. 

The Phantom of the opera

I watched 3 versions of the phantom of the Opera.

The phantom of the Opera (1925)

This movie  was amazing for a silent movie. It was more faithful to the book and I loved how ugly and scary the Phantom looking. This is in black and white and has the mascrade scene in color which was amazing! This move is 1 hour and 30 minutes. This was my favorite version of Phantom of the Opera.

The Phantom of the Opera (2006)

This was my least favorite movie. It didn't follow the order of the book. I loved the songs, but it was not like the book at all. I also thought the phantom makeup was not very good. The phantom is suppose to be ugly, not hot. 

The phantom of the opera (1994) animation

This movie was too short! The animation was not very good and the scenes was not good. It felt broken and disjointed. It was like the book but I felt it was too short and skipped over important scenes. 

The Patchwork girl of Oz

This movie was interesting. It wasn't that good.Baum changed the whole story and the film was a comidy. This movie was made in 1914. I saw some simalar things about the book. But I felt that the film was to short and the story was incomplete. Also my favorite parts were not in the film. Their was also a character that was added to the story to add "Plot". which was the daughter of the wizard. I didn't really like that.

The city of Ember

I liked this movie a lot! I love the way it was filmed. The characters were portrayed as young adult instead of children. Doon's dad had a big role in the movie. It is interesting that the filmakers choose to have gigourmous insects and moles. Doon and Lina had to run away from a mole which was not in the book. The insects were big when Doon and Lina was outside the Underground city. 

The Help movie

I didn't really like this movie, the director changed most of the scene of the book. I did like the pie scene and the scene where Hilly comes to Skeeter house and tell her off. The characters really were portrayed well. I didn't like then scene when Johnny chases down Minny. Also I didn't think they needed the scene where Celia and Johnny Foote cook a huge meal for Minny. I thought that was ridiculous. The actors were amazing in this movie! I loved Octavia Spencer in the movie. 

Jane Eyre Movies

Jane Eyre 1970

This movie start out at Lowood school. She meets Helen Burns and Helen Burns already has a sickness. She ends up dying and Jane Eyre is at her grave. Mr.Brocklehurst asks Jane to work at the school. She declines and tell him that he treated her and her classmates badly. In the book Brocklehurst loses the school because word got out that he was neglecting the children. This Jane was my favorite Jane out of the two adaptations. I felt like they showed to much of Lowood school and Jane was constantly ridiculed. Mr. Rochester was a calm man and I felt like he was less dramatic. I liked Adele. I liked Bertha Mason portrayel. She reminded me of the girl from "The Ring".  This version she meets the rivers family. St. John tried to ask Jane for her hand and Jane ran back to Mr. Rochester. Jane meets him on a bench with his dog and not in his bed.

Jane Eyre 1997

This movie  started out at Jane Eyre aunt's house and her experience at the Red Room. I love Mr. Rochester in this movie. He is ridiculous and dramatic. He is also rude and mean, which is how I portrayed Mr. Rochester in the book. I like this movie better than the 1970's version. The only problem I had was with Adele.She didn't sound french and she seemed too old.This version we meet the rivers but she is not related to them and there is no inherance. St. John seemed forceful, which I liked. I liked this Bertha too. She reminded me of Ophelia from Hamlet. The ending was good too.  

The Devil's Arithmetic movie

I absolutely loved this movie. It is the same storyline in the book, except Hannah is older. Hannah goes back in time during the Holocaust. Hannah personly experinces the Holocaust. The German cut off her hair and cut numbers into her skin. This is a very emotional story. I loved how Hannah told stories to the children in the camp. The lines in the movie was very impactful. If you want to watch a good Holocaust movie this is it!

Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver's Travels (1939)

I loved this movie! It was animated and if focus more on the little people. There was also a love story between the daughter of the king of Lilliput and the son of the king of Blefescu. This countries are at war. This animated film is also filled with songs and dance. There are also spies in Lilliput and they are very funny. They try to kill Gulliver but fail.

The 3 worlds of Gulliver (1960)

This is also a fun movie! This movie focus on Gulliver's profession as a doctor. This movie has both the Lilliputs and Brobdingnag. I really liked the land of Brobdingnag. On this land Gulliver reunites with his girlfriend and they get to live in a tiny doll house. Gulliver also heal the Queen from a stomach ache and people begin to believe he is a witch.

Gulliver's Travels (2010)

This movie is loosely adaptied from Swift novel. Gulliver is a writer instead of a doctor. Gulliver also pees on a house to stop a fire, which he does in the book. This movie is making fun of the book. This also has two worlds the small people in Lilliput and the giants in Brobdingnag. The giant is the little girl that plays with him and he is sent there for punishment. This also has a giant robot that Gulliver fights, which was weird. If you like Jack Black and his humor then you will like the movie

Side note: None of these movie are exactly like the book. They excend and expand the plot lines and make the story more enjoyable. 

The Christmas Blessing

This movie was not like the book at all! Nathan quits his job as a doctor and moves in with his dad. Nathan still meets Meghan and falls in love with her. Charlie's dad is an alcoholic and is lying to his son about his mother. The ending still made me cry. Charlie and Nathan also have a relationship in the book and it is heartwarming. This movie made me mad and sad at the end. It definitly took awhile to get into the movie. The characters keep lying and It didn't have the same message as the book. I still think this is a good movie for what it is. Robert also shows up in the movie about 3 times. He is only in the book once.

Sailor Moon S movie

This is a movie about Princess Snow Kaguya! She plans to free Earth. This is also about Luna falling in love with a human that rescues her. This is based on the side story The lover of Princess Kaguya by Naoko Takeuchi. I loved this movie it reminds me of first love and the sacrifice of true love. This movie is very similar to the short story and has a emotional punch. I love Princess Kaguya, who is the bad guy and Luna get turned into a human. If you love Sailor Moon you will love this movie! This movie is orignally Japanesse but it is dubbed.

The Time Machine

The Time Machine (1978)

This movie was very enjoyable. This movie was the least like the book. The main character, whom is named Dr. Perry works for the goverment. The Goverment is trying to stop a missile that is heading towards San Francinco. The Doctor goes in the past first as a test run. He meets the pilgrams, who think he is a witch. Then he goes foward in time and he is in the gold rush. This part of the movie is for laughs and giggles. Then he returns and goes into the future. He meets the Eloi who are girls and boys with blond hair and they speak english. They also explain who the Morlocks are and even helps fight them. This was not accurate or in the book. The Eloi are supposed to be dumb but in this movie they are smart. The main character went back to the Eloi.

The Time Machine (2002)

In this movie, the main character is a professor. He is in love with a girl named Emma. One day she dies and the Professor is trying to bring her back. He creates a time machine and goes back to stop her from dying. She ends up dying again. Then he goes into the future 2037- when the moon is closer to the earth and there is talk about going to Mars. Then he goes further in time and meet the Eloi. I liked this version of the Eloi. They were weaker and not all of the Eloi spoke English. The Morlocks were different though. They came out into the daylight, when they normally come out at night. The movie didn't really explain how the Morlocks were able to see and fight in the daytime. The professor also ended up staying there. I really liked the soundtrack. I also liked the reference to the original novel.

The Girl with all the Gifts Movie 2016

I didn't really like this movie. Some characters like Malina and Galliger were African American which was a nice touch. I like the beginning of this movie. This was very different from the book. When Galleger goes and gets food he gets killed instead of running and being scared. Dr. Cadwell dies differently in the book. How Melina open the pods is different. The book has more back story of the characters and you feel for them. The movie is just another zombie film.

Black Beauty movies

Black Beauty (1995) Cartoon

This adaptatoin was my favorite. Black Beauty talked to other horse. The only other horse in the movie was Ginger. The movie showed the friendship between the two horses. The character Joe was replaced by a girl named Jenny. Jenny Loves Black Beauty. The film had the fire scene and the horse carraige scene with Lady W. Jerry Baker was also in the film and had a short part. This film had a lot of fun music.

Black Beauty (1987) Animated film

This movie was made for children too. It showed a lot more violence. This one was weird. Black Beauty lives at the farm. This movie focused more on the children in the film. The children go to the fair and get there fortune told and are warned about the fire. There is a bad guy who steals Black Beauty and Ginger knows where Beauty is. Black Beauty works at a coal mine but the orignal family saves him. Black Beauty stays with one owner the whole time. Good film for kids but not accurate.

Black Beauty (1994) live action

This is another movie that streached the story. The first part of the movie was good. Black Beauty is born in the farm and the owners call him Beauty. Black Beauty works as a race horse in Ireland, circus horse in Spain, a warhorse in India, Coal yard in England. In the book, he was only in England. This was also more about the owners. There is a romance, action and adventure. There was not a lot of abuse to the horses in the story. This movie was enjoyable but it was very different than the book.