Dragon Pearl book trailer

Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy Science Fiction

Format: E-book

Pages: 312

Published January 15, 2019

Date Finished: 5/12/2021

Rating: 3.8

" In the old days, foxes had played tricks like changing into beautiful humans to lure lonely travelers close so they could suck out their lives."

This book is about a 13 year old girl named Min, who is on a mission to rescue her brother, Jun. Jun is accused of leaving his station and going after the Dragon Pearl. The Dragon Pearl is an ancient artifact that is known as a powerful weapon that can destroy the planet. This book was ok. I didn't really like Min as a character and I felt like she was disrespectful, but I grew to like her. The story is pretty good and the journey Min takes is epic. I didn't like Captain Hwan's character. His motives were unclear and It seemed like he was a good guy and then he was suddenly a bad guy. I just didn't get it. I did like learning about the supernatual creatures and the myths surrounding them. There is some diversity in the book. The character Heimdal uses they/them as pronouns. Overall: this book was pretty good but I wanted more.

When the Irish Invaded Canada: The Incredible True story of the Civil War Veterans who fought for Irelands Freedom By Christopher Klein

Genre: Nonfiction: Civil War/ History

Format: Audiobook


Published January 1,2019

Date Finished: 5/20/2021

Rating: 3.6 Stars

"The governing passion of my life apart from my duty to God is to be at the head of an Irish Army battling against England for Ireland's rights. For this I live, and for this if necessary I am willing to die."

This book is about the Fenian Raids which begins in 1866. This is also about the Irish americans that fought in the Civil War. This nonfiction is interesting! I loved learning about Canadian history. This book was well researched. I liked the narrator to the audiobook. The book was easy to read and understand. I felt like Klein was biased and was saying negative things about the americans. It left an uneasy feeling in me.  I was also bored with some of the parts in the book. Overall: This book is recommended for History Nerds and for students that are interested in this topic.